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Channellink's innovative B2B partner platform empowers you to transform your legacy partner program. Leverage our powerful marketplace to quickly engage on partnering opportunities, discover new partners in our exclusive directory and grow partnerships through mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Channellink offers two great subscription options to help you accomplish what was previously impossible


Channellink LLC is a cloud hosted partnering platform as a service and was conceived by veteran technologists who experienced firsthand the inherent limitations of traditional partner programs and endeavored to develop a solution that would transform how technology businesses partner.

Channellink helps our users Partner Smarter by delivering unparalleled partner connectivity, massive scalability, real time opportunity visibility, and improved business agility. Our technology focus is on Helpdesk, Network, Security, Cloud, Big Data, Server, Middleware, Telecom, Wireless, Database, Virtualization, Mainframe, Software, Hardware, Development

Channellink serves all information technology focused business users who are looking for an easier way to connect with partners in the exchange of resources, services and products. Our users include agencies, resellers, distributors, manufacturers, vendors and recruiters.

Channellink doesn't offer a trial subscription however we offer our Partner Basic subscription for FREE. Signup today and begin to experience the power of Channellink. Need all of Channellinks partnering benefits? Upgrade at any time within the platform to Partner Pro.

Channellink's PRO subscription gives you access to all of our great features and functionality at a super low price!

REQUEST Partner Assistance - Post your requests for partner provided resources, services or products, get real time responses and faster fulfillment

BUILD Partner Network - Search, discover, connect with partners. Exclusive cross vendor search capability by technology, offering and vendor certifications

OFFER Partner Assistance - Advertise your resources, services or products directly to partners in need to help grow your business

GROW Revenue - Search and find new partnering opportunities, win more deals and build new revenue streams

COMMUNICATE Directly - Simply, efficiently and securely chat with partners directly through the Channellink platform.

MARKET Your Brand - Build your presence and be recognized on the Channellink platform. Complete your searchable business profile and upload your logo or profile pic

Channellink's BASIC subscription gives you limited access to some of our great features and functionality for FREE!

REQUEST Partner Assistance - Post your requests for partner provided resources, services or products, get real time responses and faster fulfillment

BUILD Partner Network - Search, discover, connect with partners. Exclusive cross vendor search capability by technology, offering and vendor certifications

When you want to exchange resources, products or services you can simply create a post and partners respond

Posts can be offers or requests for partner assistance

All posts have a technology focus and are for resources, products or services

All posts last for 30 days and then expire

Interested partners contact you directly through our private chat system

The power of our directory comes from people like you who complete their user/business profiles including technology focus and industry certifications to make finding and communicating with new partners simple and easy

Discover partners using our cross vendor/technology advanced search

Build your network by bookmarking partner profiles or inviting your current network to connect and partner smarter through Channellink

Partner Basic is a FREE, non-expiring subscription

Partner Pro is a PAID subscription

We charge $99 dollars USD per quarter paid upfront, non-recurring which equals $33/month

Our Pro subscription is good for 90 days

All new subscribers start with a Partner Basic FREE subscription however may upgrade at anytime to our PAID subscription within the platform

Our paid PRO service is non-recurring however you can easily extend your subscription at anytime.

NONE! Our platform was created to help you partner smarter. Channellink does not charge any other fees except for our PRO subscription and we never take a cut of your business deals like other partnering sites.

Absolutely - we want you to use the subscription that works the best for your partnering program

BASIC to PRO - simply subscribe within our platform

PRO to BASIC - your subscription will revert at expiration of PRO back to basic unless you choose to pay to extend your subscription

PRO users choosing not to renew will have their subscription automatically revert back to our FREE Partner Basic subscription at expiration of the Partner Pro paid subscription

In the unlikely event that you are completely dissatisfied with Channellink, we would love to hear from you so we can learn how we may serve you better.

Since our partnering solution is cloud delivered and instantly available we cannot offer refunds and all sales are final. Your risk is limited however since our paid Pro subscription is non-recurring and your service will automatically revert back to our FREE Partner Basic subscription upon the 90 day subscription expiration

We electronically accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and AMEX

Channellink leverages sitewide SSL certificate providing website encryption between your web browser and Channellink

Channellink also uses advanced security to ensure your payments are safe. All Channellink credit card transactions leverage a secure direct connection between your web browser and our merchant payment provider completely bypassing Channellinks servers thus ensuring complete end to end security.

To ensure we are PCI compliant Channellink does not see nor store your credit card information on our website.

Channellink uses Google reCaptcha to prevent bots, fake postings and SCAM accounts

Channellink also provides user level access control with username/strong password. Remember your user account and password is for you only. Our T&C outline that your user account and password may only be used by primary subscriber

Channellink systems are hosted in secure, access controlled data centers and scanned/monitored constantly

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